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New Program Gives First-Time Hunters a Headstart

Twin Cities

A program for first-time hunters in Minnesota offers a starting point. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a new program to help adults looking to get into hunting learn the ropes, and even harvest their first deer. For someone with no prior experience and no one to learn from, this could be the difference between hunting and wishing you could.

The program selected 10 adult hunters with little to no experience and gave them firearms safety training, target practice and a field day to learn deer behaviors and biology. Students were also paired with a mentor for further advice and to help on their upcoming hunt.

Hunters and mentors were then sent to St. Croix State Park, which is normally closed to hunters. Previously only available for youth hunting programs, new laws opened it up to adults in the new program.

With more and more people concerned about the quality of their food, more people are turning to hunting as a way to get organic, ethically-killed meet. The adult learn-to-hunt whitetail deer program provides an entry point for new hunters, giving them the skills and knowledge to be safe and successful in the great outdoors.

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New Program Gives First-Time Hunters a Headstart