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New Product Spotlight: Dark Energy Poseidon [VIDEO]

Dark Energy Poseidon
All images via Dark Energy

The new Dark Energy Poseidon looks to be a game changer in bringing power into the backcountry.

If you like to spend time in the backcountry but also want to have access to your electronics, you will want to look into the new Dark Energy Poseidon.

The Dark Energy Poseidon claims to be one of the most rugged portable power source ever built.

The Dark Energy Poseidon was given the maximum rating on the International Protection Marking Standard of IP68 which means that it is both dustproof and waterproof.

It was also given a military-grade standard of MIL-STD 810G. This means that it can take almost any drop or hit and still keep ticking.

Such as this one where they tested it by shooting it with a shotgun five times.

The Dark Energy Poseidon stores 10,000 mAh of power which means you can charge many of your electronic devices multiple times on a single charge so your phone, camera, GPS, or whatever else you need in the woods, can last just as long as you can.

Check out this promo to find out more about the Dark Energy Poseidon.

Dark Energy currently has the Poseidon on pre-sale for a discounted price of $89, but expect that price to go up to $119 when the product is released in mid-October (expected release date is Oct. 17, but that could change).

Dark Energy Poseidon

The Dark Energy Poseidon is currently being produced in a Realtree Camo edition, as well as a Dark Edition that will be completely black.

Dark Energy Poseidon

Go check them out and be sure to keep an eye out as we plan on testing one of these units out very soon and will let you know exactly what we find.

All images via Dark Energy

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New Product Spotlight: Dark Energy Poseidon [VIDEO]