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The New Primal is the New Beef Jerky You Should Be Eating [VIDEO]

The New Primal is a new brand of sustainable, healthy beef and turkey jerky that you should be eating on the trail. 

Products that speak directly to outdoorsmen are refreshing. Especially if it is jerky, the original way to eat meat on the trail. The New Primal is jerky for the adventurer and that makes us want to try it. Because don’t we all consider ourselves adventurers?

Work hard and play hard, get outdoors, and fuel your vessel with the highest quality food. The New Primal makes jerky the Right Way, not the easy way.


The company, based out of South Carolina, is a healthy, all-natural, responsibly-sourced beef and turkey jerky that is a great alternative to the stuff sold in gas stations. The New Primal has a message that all sportsmen can relate to; they want people to obtain a better relationship to their food. They want to put a bag of their jerky in the hands of “every carnivore in the country.” Who can argue with that?

The packaging is bright and easily packable to bring along all your adventures. So next time you are packing snacks for your trip try out a bag of The New Primal jerky and get primal.


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The New Primal is the New Beef Jerky You Should Be Eating [VIDEO]