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New Possible Typical Record Buck Taken in West Virginia

record buck
West Virginia Metro News

This hunter’s wife and daughter both turned down chances to shoot this incredible world-class whitetail.

Nick Starkey has a pretty unselfish family. It showed last week when he bagged what could potentially be the new state record typical whitetail. His awesome buck came after both his wife and daughter turned down opportunities to shoot the massive animal.

The 15 point monster, taken in Upshur County near BuckHannon, has green-scored 191 2/8, putting it well above the old record of 185 4/8. Of course, Starkey will have to wait for the 60 day drying period to end before an official measurement by Boone and Crockett can take place.

West Virginia Metro News

Starkey, his wife Angie, and daughter Raven are all avid hunters. They knew the monster was walking around from a single trail camera photo. “We got one picture of that deer,” Angie Starkey told the West Virginia Metro News. “We set our cameras, he has a spot and I have a spot and mine was the one that got it.”

Originally, Nick was hopeful his wife would be able to take the potential record buck. But in a surprising move, Angie, who told the paper she cared more about getting meat in the freezer than a trophy buck, gave up the spot to her husband and daughter for opening morning. Apparently, it was his excitement over the buck that caused her to give up her spot.

“That picture set him into a mode that he was so excited he couldn’t sit still,” she told the paper.

Still, Nick apparently planned to have his daughter shoot the massive buck if it made an appearance. But when the buck showed up late in the evening, Raven decided she wanted her dad to take the shot instead.

“She was telling her dad, ‘Shoot him dad, shoot him,’” Angie told the paper. So for the second time, a member of his family passed on the opportunity to bag the record buck and Nick finally had his chance. The buck ran a short ways over a hill and collapsed after the shot and Nick’s goal of killing a big buck was fulfilled.

No doubt he’ll be thanking his wife and daughter for a long time for passing on the opportunity on this one. It just goes to show nice guys don’t always finish last!

We’ll continue following this story to see if it indeed does break the record following official scoring.

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New Possible Typical Record Buck Taken in West Virginia