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New Pennsylvania Bill Could Allow Youth to Hunt on Sundays

Allen Miller

Pennsylvania youth could see additional opportunities to get into the woods.

Pennsylvania hunters have long pushed for the legalization of Sunday hunting. Now, they might be getting their way, sort of.

State Representative Frank Farina plans to propose a bill that would lift the current Sunday hunting ban for two days during the regular rifle season for young hunters participating in the mentored youth program, reports WNEP 16. Currently, the law is so that the Game Commission cannot override the Sunday hunting ban. The new proposal would change this.

Paul Scavone, owner of JS Sporting Goods in Wilkes-Barre, told WNEP 16, “It might entice the kids who are on the fence about hunting or those who are involved in other sports to maybe give it a try on an off day and bring them into the sport.”

It’s hard to say what will become of this bill, but it’s safe to say that it’s a step in the right direction. Any opportunity to get youth more involved in the sport is great. Plus, it may open the door to Sunday hunting in other seasons and for other hunters.



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New Pennsylvania Bill Could Allow Youth to Hunt on Sundays