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New Parker Bows Shown Off at ATA 2015 [VIDEO]

The fresh set of new Parker bows for 2015 are given the stage at the ATA.

Several new products from Parker Bows are getting attention now that they’re available for promo at the 2015 ATA Trade Show, the annual gathering of the Archery Trade Association and the industry it supports. Parker is sharing the experience via their social media channels, mainly using their Instagram account and their Facebook page.

The Enforcer and Bushwacker crossbows join the Ultralite 30+ and a cool Pink camo pattern on the Lightning compound bow as the biggest additions to the Parker line this year.

Here’s a clip of the Ultralite 30+ doing its thing.

The Ultralite 30+ is a reintroduction of an older model, with revamped style and function. Featured is the High Performance UltraLite One Cam, an Extreme Parallel Design, tunable String Suppressor System and Micro-Lite Limb Pockets.

Parker is possibly even better known for their crossbows, many of which got updates for 2015 to continue their innovative approach and performance. The Enforcer, a compact but powerful (as in, 315 fps powerful) crossbow ready for any treestand, and the impressive introductory Bushwacker, are maintaining Parker’s top level consistency.

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New Parker Bows Shown Off at ATA 2015 [VIDEO]