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New North Carolina Archery Record Buck Taken by Winston-Salem Firefighter

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North Carolina has a new archery record buck. Check out the rack on this bad boy.

Steven Davis of Welcome, North Carolina took to his treestand on the fifth day of archery season, and came home with what should be a new state record for the largest whitetail buck ever taken with archery equipment.KCHO-mrec

According to North Carolina Sportsman, Davis (a fireman for the city of Winston-Salem) was hunting in Davidson County on September 18, five days after he’d first seen the monster whitetail emerge from its bedding area.

The deer weighed 175 pounds and has measured in at 190 7/8 non-typical inches. The buck had a 5×5 main-frame rack with nine different sticker points, five of them attached to the tallest tine on the left antler. The buck’s largest spread is 23 ¾ inches, its inside spread is just under 20 inches, and its longest tine is just shy of 14 inches.

After hanging a trail cam and capturing 640 photos of his target, he knew it would only be a matter of time before he lined himself up a shot.

“The first time he stood up, as soon as I saw him, I knew he was a shooter, because his horns were wider than his body,” Davis told North Carolina Sportsman. “I put the trail camera up, and I had a photo of him by 9 o’clock that night.”

Davis shot the buck with a Horton crossbow and a Horton Carbon strike MX bolt tipped with a Swhacker broadhead. He gives credit to his dedication and timely scouting, which prevented nerves from creeping up when he finally had the deer in his sights.

“By the time I killed him, he was just another buck to me, but after I got my hands on him, that changed. Boy, he was a big deer,” Davis said. “I guess I’ll shoot does from now on.”

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H/T North Carolina Sportsman


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New North Carolina Archery Record Buck Taken by Winston-Salem Firefighter