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2015 New York Freshwater Fishing Regulations Announced

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New freshwater fishing regulations take effect in New York on April 1, 2015.

The changes include new or modified regulations, elimination of some special regulations, and regulations relating to baitfish and gear.

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“DEC modifies its freshwater sportfishing regulations as necessary to help maintain the fantastic freshwater sportfishing New York is known for,” said New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens.

“Changes are made to the regulations governing sportfishing and related activities to address management needs in specific waters, as well as to accommodate angler and other stakeholder desires. Many of the proposed changes resulted from DEC’s focus on consolidating regulations where possible and eliminating special regulations that are no longer warranted and have become outdated.”

Some of the new of modified regulations include increasing the statewide minimum length for muskellunge to 40 inches. Another establishes year-round trout seasons, with catch-and-release Oct. 16 through March 31 on several Western New York streams.

Special regulations that aren’t needed anymore lift size and limit regulations on specific New York waters. For example, the daily creel limit for sunfish and yellow perch in Cumberland Bay has been lifted.

Along with size, limit, and season changes, regulations regarding the use and harvest of baitfish have been modified. Gear and fishing method changes include lifting some gear restrictions and better defining angling methods in the fishing guidelines.

A two-year process preceded the changes. This included biological assessments, angler input, and a public comment period.

The complete list of New York’s sportfishing regulation changes can be seen on the DEC website.

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2015 New York Freshwater Fishing Regulations Announced