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New Michigan Duck Stamp Has Arrived

The Michigan duck stamp has become an icon for waterfowl hunters across the state. 

The new Michigan duck stamp has been released for 2015.

This year’s stamp, which features the artwork of Guy Crittenden, shows two common goldeneye flying past the backdrop of the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, located on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula.


The Michigan duck stamp program has been going strong for 39 years. Starting back in 1976, conservation groups and hunters alike purchase signed prints, or just standard reprints every year.

Right now, the Michigan Duck Hunters Association will send any hunter a free copy of the stamp if they send a self addressed envelope with a copy of their waterfowl license to: Michigan Duck Hunters Association, Waterfowl Stamp Program, P.O. Box 20, Midland, MI 48640.

Purchase of these stamps still does go to a good cause. The Michigan Duck Hunters Association matches 10% of all sales of the stamp to donate directly to DNR funding to help enhance and grow waterfowl opportunities throughout the state, as well as wetland conservation.

If you do purchase a 2015 Michigan duck stamp or print, it does not replace a regular license. You will still need one of those to legally hunt ducks in Michigan.

Here is a list of prices to order prints, stamps, or signed copies.

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New Michigan Duck Stamp Has Arrived