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New Mexico Game and Fish Relocate Thousands of Perch

If you've ever wondered how game and fish departments establish new species in new waters, check out this video from New Mexico Game and Fish.

Biologists spent two days trapping yellow perch from Eagle Nest Lake in New Mexico in an effort to introduce the species into a new lake. Perch were illegally released into Eagle Nest years ago and are now overpopulated.

Officials want to use the overabundance to establish a new hold in Lake Abiquiu.

This is one of those videos that makes you want to go back to school and study biology. I can't imagine many other day jobs more enjoyable than catching trout, perch and pike by the thousands in an effort to increase fishing opportunity for the public.

If you look closely in the video, you'll see some flopping fish that are much too long to be perch. Those are northern pike and they were also illegally introduced into Lake Eagle Nest where they have thrived. The state believes these predators to be harmful to the existing fishery and anglers are forbidden to release any caught pike. The lake in Northern New Mexico is renowned for its trout and kokanee salmon fishing and the New Mexico Game and Fish wants to keep it that way.

They hope the over 7,000 transported perch will help maintain Eagle Nest's popular fishing while creating a new chance for anglers on Lake Abiquiu. There, biologist anticipate the transported perch will serve as an increased food source for bass and walleye.


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New Mexico Game and Fish Relocate Thousands of Perch