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New Mexican Hunter Bags Once-in-a-Lifetime Mule Deer Buck

via the Daily Times

A New Mexican hunter took a mule deer buck for the ages after winning the state's prized Governor's Tag. 

Rodney Howell had something to be extra thankful for on Thanksgiving. The night before, he bagged a 232-inch, 7-by-7 mule deer buck with his .300 Remington Ultra Magnum rifle.

The lucky hunter was the winner of New Mexico's coveted Governor's Tag, which allows holders to hunt deer on any game management property in New Mexico during the hunting season.

"I was very fortunate to have won the tag and to have seen a deer like that," Howell told the Daily Times.

Howell said he enlisted the help of several friends and a hunting guide to help him find the perfect buck for the tag.

His guide, Anthony Hampton, spotted the massive buck for him on a game management property east of Bloomfield on the morning of Nov. 26. Later that evening, Howell and friends gathered to find the monster deer.

When asked by reporters how he felt when he first saw the buck, Howell replied, "Let me put it this way: I didn't reach for my binoculars. I reached for my gun."

Both Howell and Hampton said it was one of the largest deer they've ever seen. Howell plans to have the impressive mule deer buck mounted on his wall, but he'll have to clear some space first.

What's the biggest buck you've bagged?

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New Mexican Hunter Bags Once-in-a-Lifetime Mule Deer Buck