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New Life for Old Guns: Prvi Partizan Ammo

Old guns can still be used if you find the right ammo, and Prvi Partizan might just have it.

We’ve all been there: you’re trolling around the gun show and you run into an old gun. Maybe it’s seen better days, maybe there’s a bit of rust here and there, but what a deal.

There are some guns that are just that perfect combination of affordable and intriguing that we want to bring them home even if we don’t really need them for anything in particular. The only rub is that with a lot of these “oldies but goodies” it can be hard to find ammo to feed them.

Thankfully, there are still a few ammo producers just as hooked on old junk as we are.

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Prvi Partizan has been chucking out ammo for a long time but has only become a common name in America in the last few years. While they offer a full line of more common calibers like 30-06 or .243 Winchester, Prvi is far better known for their proclivity for making antiquated or rarely seen cartridges.

If you have an old military issue bolt action rifle in the closet gathering dust, Prvi can not only get it shooting again, but probably supply you with some soft nose rounds to make it into a hunting rifle.

If you were once tempted into one of those low cost Russian rifles like the SKS or Nagant, Prvi has some hunting rounds for you.

If old European equipment is your thing, Prvi offers all the classics such as 6.5 Carcano, 7.5×54 French, 8×50 Lebel and 8×56 RS Mannilicher, with 7.62×53 Argentine thrown in for good measure.

Prvi’s most recent addition to their line-up is the 9.3x74R, which is a cartridge from the turn of the century that looks a lot like a #2 pencil with a rim on one end. Of course, 9.3mm cartridges have never been that popular on this side of the Atlantic, but the Germans just love them.

Believe it or not, back when break-open, single-shot rifles were all the rage, the 9.3x74R was more or less standard equipment for the German sportsman.

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The long, Nitro Express-like case and relatively heavy bullet weights allowed for high enough muzzle energy to bring down game like moose but still only produced minimal chamber pressures, which were a major concern with old break-opens.

Prvi’s new 9.3x74R ammo makes use of light powder loads and a slightly undersized .365 diameter bullet to keep chamber pressures within limits for any of the old, highly desirable, Drillings and double rifles that might still be taken out into the game fields.

There’s nothing sadder than a rifle that’s never let out to play. If you’ve got an old Mauser, British Enfield, Mas Rifle or any of the dozen other great old guns still crawling around out there, why not get some use out of it?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well they shoot with some good ammo.


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New Life for Old Guns: Prvi Partizan Ammo