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New Law Would Allow Texans to Carry Guns Without Licences


A new bill has been proposed that will allow Texans to carry guns without licenses

Texas representative Jonathan Stickland (R), has introduced a bill that will not only allow open carry of firearms, but also do away with the need for a permit to carry both openly and concealed.

Stickland says, "It restores our Second Amendment to what our constitutional fathers intended it for it to be."

Here's a news report from the Dallas NBC affiliate.

News of this bill has been met with mixed reviews with some claiming that "It's our God given right," while others feel that if you have to have training to operate a car, it only makes sense that you should have training to carry a firearm in public.

When asked about the bill, new Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who was pro-open carry his entire campaign told NBC5, "We have seen the same thing happen across the entire country, where you have open carry laws in places like Massachusetts and Vermont. You don't have people breaking out guns and shooting each other."

After comparing concerns to those of previous gun laws he reassuringly said, "I think it's going to work out fine whichever way the law passes."

Click here to see the bill in its entirety and form your own opinion.

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New Law Would Allow Texans to Carry Guns Without Licences