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New Jersey Officials Testing the Water with “Fishing Buddy” Licenses

Lawmakers in New Jersey are thinking over the idea of offering a special “Fishing Buddy” license to try and attract new anglers to the state.

Lawmakers are considering the “Fishing Buddy” license for residents as well as visitors to New Jersey to try to turn around that trend and get the number of licenses on the rise.

New Jersey has had a steady decline in the number of fishing licenses sold in the state over the last 25 years, going from 233,787 back in 1991 all the way to 141,499 last year.

The idea behind the law is to get the experienced fishermen in New Jersey to take someone new fishing. The proposed law would give both the experienced fisherman and the new angler their license for half-price.

The “Fishing Buddy” license would also carry over into the hunting side of the outdoors world, with an offering of a $10 discount on New Jersey’s “All Around Sportsman License” which is good for fishing and hunting.

The bill was brought forward by Assemblymen Vincent Mazzeo, D-2nd of Northfield, and Bob Andrzejczak, D-1st of Middle Township and was voted out of the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on March 23.

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Mazzeo offered his support for the bill, saying, “Reduced rates for licenses will encourage more residents to enjoy the fishing experience the state has to offer and encourage and appreciation for New Jersey’s fishing and wildlife.”

The bill is still awaiting approval by the full Assembly and Senate and then be signed by the governor before it becomes a law.

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New Jersey Officials Testing the Water with “Fishing Buddy” Licenses