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New Jersey Introduces Bills to End Bear Hunting and Management

New bills introduced in New Jersey aim to end the state’s bear hunting and bear management.

New Jersey Assemblyman Tim Eustace introduced a Bill 3527 last week which, if passed, would eliminate black bears from the state’s list of game species, reports Ammoland.

Mr. Eustace, determined to get his way, also introduced Bill 3505 which, if passed, would make it illegal to hunt bears with bait. This bill is identical to a Senate Bill 893 sponsored by Senator Raymond Lesniak.

These bills could have very significant and lasting impacts on not only hunters, but New Jersey’s black bear population. Of course, the state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife recognizes that bear hunting and the use of bait are important management tools for the black bear population.

A similar situation recently occurred in Maine, but sportsmen and sportswomen came together and voted to defeat the actions. Certainly, similar methods can and should be taken in New Jersey. Residents can write to their local assemblymen, assemblywomen and senators to oppose bills 3527, 3505 and 893.

The United States Sportsmen’s Alliance has a handy tool to find the contact information for the appropriate legislators. Don’t hesitate! Take action!



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New Jersey Introduces Bills to End Bear Hunting and Management