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New Jersey Deer Climbs in School Window

This New Jersey deer climbs into a classroom at a local middle school.

This young New Jersey deer climbs into a window, and decides he wants to go to class for the day at a local middle school. In the video you can see the adolescent buck literally climbing into the window from outside the classroom.

The deer was finally discovered inside the classroom next to the teacher’s desk at North Arlington Middle School in New Jersey.

The camera footage shows the deer climbing in the window and the glass that was broken by the deer trying to escape as well as some loose hair that was ripped from the deer’s hide.

Every now and then a video surfaces of a deer acting out of the ordinary.

The yearling buck reportedly messed up a wall and knocked over a water cooler in an attempt to climb back out of the window.

Needless to say bucks, in general, are unpredictable especially during the rut, so it is no surprise this young deer attempted to jump through this window.

Animal control was able to successfully tranquilize the deer and remove it from the school. Thankfully, the deer did not hurt anyone because the school was already being dismissed.



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New Jersey Deer Climbs in School Window