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New Jersey Butcher Busted for Selling Venison Illegally


A butcher was arrested after being busted for selling venison and other wildlife parts illegally.

A butcher who ran a legitimate business processing and butchering wild game for New Jersey hunters was busted for illegally selling venison on side.

James Schamble, 61, of Highland Lakes was arrested after he sold venison on two separate incidents to undercover wildlife officials earlier this year. He also was found to be in possession of other illegally obtained wildlife parts.

Authorities say he sold $300 worth of venison bologna, pepperoni, salami, kielbasa, and hot dogs to one officer on January 31. The second sale of $20 worth of deer jerky was to another officer two weeks prior.

Schamble pleaded guilty in May to sale of wildlife, possession of untagged deer parts, possession of untagged bear parts, and failure to keep a proper ledger for a deer/bear processing business.

He was sentenced in early July to two years probation and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. He also had to pay restitution of $1,425 and fines totaling $1,205.

It is illegal to sell native wildlife in New Jersey except for common furbearers and certain parts of white tailed deer, as long as they are taken and possessed legally.

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New Jersey Butcher Busted for Selling Venison Illegally