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Venison for Sale? NJ Bill Would Allow Commercial Selling of Deer Meat

A lawmaker wants the ban on commercial deer hunting lifted in New Jersey.

With deer populations on the rise, lawmakers are looking to help reduce the populations in order to reduce deer vehicle collisions on the roads.

One solution may include paying a hunter for the venison he or she harvested. A New Jersey lawmaker wants the current ban on commercial deer hunting lifted.

Monmouth County Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande is stirring up talk about her newest piece of legislation, a a bill that will direct the Division of Fish & Wildlife set up regulations for the commercial harvesting of deer.

For over a century, the sale of big game has been restricted in all 50 states. Unfortunately, venison on the menu at your favorite local restaurant has to be imported from New Zealand or is the product of a U.S. deer farm.

Right now, there is a volunteer program in New Jersey that allows for the donation of wild game to butchers, and of course to food banks, but commercial hunting isn’t legal in the state.

Obviously, populations have bounced back compared to what they were a century ago, so some are thinking it might be time for a change. Even with increased bag limits, longer hunting seasons, and other incentives, hunters cannot keep up with the growing population.

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This could be a new kind of incentive plan to not only help curb the deer population, but encourage new hunters and more hunting in New Jersey.

Would you be for or against a move to legally sell the wild game meat you harvest?

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Venison for Sale? NJ Bill Would Allow Commercial Selling of Deer Meat