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New Jersey Bear Season on Track to Set a Record


27 bears taken on day one of the second season.

New Jersey hunters have taken off right out of the gate for the 2016 bear season. According to reports, 27 bears were killed on the first day of the 2nd season. Add those 27 harvests to numbers from the first season, and the total for the year is pushing 589.

The record number of harvests for the season is 592. That record was set back in 2010, when the bear season was reopened in the state.

Weighing Bear

Hunting will continue until the end of the season, or when a total of 59 tagged bears are killed. New Jersey officials tagged 197 bears earlier in 2016 as a way to track population and gauge harvest numbers.

The start of the second season also saw many protests from anti-hunters. Activists could be seen protesting at local Wildlife Management Area check stations.

Bear Anti-hunters

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New Jersey Bear Season on Track to Set a Record