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New Jersey Angler Catches State Record Sheepshead

NBC 40

The waters around south New Jersey offer up yet another state record sheepshead.

When South Jersey angler Bobby Catino felt his line get slammed, the last thing he expected to see on the end was the new state record sheepshead. “I thought it looked like a zebra,” Catino said in an interview with NBC 40 out of South Jersey. “It was a surreal experience to see something this big in such a small area of our back bays”

The 19-pound, 26-inch long sheepshead broke the New jersey state record, and was only two pounds shy of breaking the world record.

The previous record, set by angler Paul Lowe in 2003, was a 17-pound, 3-ounce fish caught in Manahawkin Bay, just 59 miles north of the area where Catino’s fish was caught.

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When asked what he plans to do now, Catino said “I imagine I will slice it up and have it as a meal at some point.”

Fish on, buddy.

What would you do with a record book fish? Tell us in the comment section below.

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New Jersey Angler Catches State Record Sheepshead