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New Jersey Alligator Wrangled out of Passaic River [VIDEO]

This New Jersey alligator is a long way from home. 

In an event that created an Internet firestorm that spread all over East Coast social media, a New Jersey alligator has been pulled out of the Passaic River. Yes, you did read that right. An actual alligator was swimming in a river in New Jersey.

A man was fishing on the Passaic when he spotted the gator and didn’t quite know what to do. He then gave a quick call to the local game wardens which turned into a two-hour pursuit of the gator all over the river. After some careful planning, the gator was snared and hauled in.

This recent video has emerged showing the four-foot New Jersey alligator as it is being transported by the DNR.

Even though this gator seems like a long way from home, most reports are indicating that this New Jersey alligator is likely someone’s pet that grew too large for its cage so they set it free.

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New Jersey Alligator Wrangled out of Passaic River [VIDEO]