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New IWI X95 Rifle for 2016 Provides Improved Features

IWI x95

The X95 rifle is the perfect compact carbine package.

Lightweight, reliable, and with lots of new features, the X95 rifle is a thing of beauty.

The X95 is the contemporary version of the IWI Tavor which was largely accepted in the US market since 2000. The X95 had to make some smaller improvements before being able to be imported into the US market.

A longer barrel and longer overall length had to be increased due to the NFA laws within the US.

The butt pad was slightly increased so that the overall length would be acceptable for US Standards. Overall trigger weight was drastically reduced to accommodate shooters’ concerns from the previous iteration.

1913 rails are integrated and are hidden under panels. The magazine release was also moved closer to the trigger, similar to an AR-15 magazine release.

The pistol grip is slightly improved on the X95 and is modular so that you can change the palm size of the pistol grip. Placement of the rifle’s safety selector stays in the same position and will be familiar with previous owners.

Military Arms Channel is a dealer with Copper Customs. You can see their selection of IWI rifles and see what works best for your mission on their site.

Stay motivated.



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New IWI X95 Rifle for 2016 Provides Improved Features