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New Indiana Record Lake Trout Has Been Caught

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This new Indiana record lake trout easily crushed the old one by eight pounds!

A fish of epic proportions has been caught off the Indiana shoreline of Lake Michigan. Tyler Kreighbaum, a charter boat captain out of Michigan City, thought he was stuck on the bottom right before he realized what he had and brought the big fish in. Officially weighing in at 37.5 pounds, it easily beat the old Indiana record lake trout to solidify Kreighbaum at the top spot.

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Perhaps what is even more interesting about this lake trout is what officials are guessing to be its age. This giant lake trout had a clipped fin that only fish stocked in the late 1970s had to identify their stocking year. Considering the average lake trout caught out of the Indiana side of the lake only average less than 10 pounds, this trout had such a long time to grow.

“I was really excited to see a fish that big,” said assistant fisheries biologist for the Indiana DNR, Ben Dickinson in an interview. “It blew me away. I hope that this gets more people interested in Lake Michigan. People will see there is a potential to catch such large fish.”

Awesome fish Mr. Kreighbaum! This record will probably be around for a while!



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New Indiana Record Lake Trout Has Been Caught