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New Idaho Catch and Release White Sturgeon Record is Huge

Magic Valley

Idaho’s new catch and release program is taking off and this white sturgeon record is all the proof you need. 

Just this past January, Idaho decided to re-write their fishing record books and take applications for catch and release records based on overall length alone. So far, this most recent white sturgeon record is not the first, in fact, it’s a little bit down the line since the program started. However, it is undoubtedly massive and rightfully earned the new top spot.

Thomas McLeod and two brothers, Tyler and Josh Bransford, were fishing on the Snake River inside Hells Canyon when they set hooks into their now pending record 94-inch white sturgeon caught on March 5th.

With this new white sturgeon record likely to be official very soon, it beat out an 80-incher caught in Idaho on February 6th, and it also beat out an 83-incher caught just days prior to this most recent one.

According to the report, in order for a white sturgeon to be in consideration for a catch-and-release record, it has to be at least two inches longer than the current top fish and also must be photographed as it is being measured in the water.

You gotta wonder how long it took them to reel it in!



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New Idaho Catch and Release White Sturgeon Record is Huge