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Could This Be Your New Ice Fishing Vehicle?

Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition

Part airboat, part snowmobile: this thing would be a blast out ice fishing.

When the elements get tough, your best ice fishing companion can quickly be your transportation. Well, sorry to everyone that usually goes fishing with me.

That’s where this awesome ice vehicle comes in. Check it out and imagine yourself cruising to your favorite ice fishing spot!

Looks pretty fun, doesn’t it? The ice vehicle was engineered specifically for an expedition across Antarctica – one of the coldest and harshest environments on Earth. If it can work there, it would work on the lake down the street from your house. The ice vehicle runs off of biofuel, has a three-blade propeller, and each of its three skis have an independent suspension system and spiked braking system. Oh, and it can go 84 mph! You could beat everybody to the honey hole at that speed!

That all being said, it is a one-person vehicle with little room for all your ice fishing gear. There are also no plans to mass-produce these for the average ice angler. It’s understandable. Until that point, we can only dream about how fun it would be to cruise across a frozen lake on this amazing contraption.

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Could This Be Your New Ice Fishing Vehicle?