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New Hunting Startup, HuntForce, Gets $400K

Looking to try out a new brand in the trail camera industry? You may soon have a chance thanks to a new hunting startup.

A recent press release from Consumer Electronics Net indicates that a new company called HuntForce is working to move trail cameras for deer hunting into a new state of the art territory. Certainly, the startup company isn’t the first to develop a digital trail camera that runs on a web application. However, HuntForce’s mission statement of giving hunters more time in the field and less at the computer — and of “allowing hunters to be more strategic in their sport by identifying trophy deer and their habits” — is an attractive one.

HuntForce is targeting the segment of deer hunters that don’t want to spend long hours downloading and organizing every single photo their trail camera has ever taken. Quite simply, not every deer that comes within a photograph radius of our camera is worth investigating. HuntForce allows for faster downloads and more intuitive sorting, allowing hunters to download only photos of bucks they are interested in targeting, so they can get out into the field instead of sitting at their computer hitting the “delete” button a few hundred times.

Apparently, HuntForce’s mission statement has proven to be an attractive one for a number of Omaha-based investors. As the company prepares to demonstrate its new app technology, three local investors have come aboard with the project, backing HuntForce with $400,000 in funds and plenty of confidence, not to mention the nationwide attention from hunting enthusiasts that the company has now collected.

The $400,000 comes from two investment firms – Dundee Venture Capital and Treetop Ventures, and Mark – as well as an Omaha entrepreneur named Mark Griffis. (Griffis is also the founder of a tech software company called Aviture.) Dundee delivered $100,000 to the project, while Griffis provided $50,000 and Treetop led the pack with a quarter million dollar investment. HuntForce signed deals with all three investors on September 30, effectively propelling itself into the final stages of project development.

So how does Huntforce make trail camera picture sorting so much faster and more intuitive? Rather than simply delivering every photo your trail camera takes, Huntforce uses a unique antler recognition software that helps hunters to identity only potential trophy buck targets while leaving other trail camera subjects – from female deer to other woodland animals – unviewed. Since most hunters target big male deer anyway, there is no sense in a trail camera program wasting time and bandwidth downloading the vast majority of the pictures the camera has taken.

One of the coolest things about HuntForce is that it is a homegrown family project. Co-owners Jim and Ryan White are a father and son team, and their idea has taken off because it appeals so easily to any hunter that has ever had to suffer through a two or three hour photo download period for a single picture of a trophy buck.

In addition to its Omaha funding, HuntForce also has a partnership in place with Straight Shot, a company that specializes in developing start-up companies. HuntForce will debut its new software next week at Straight Shot’s demo day, and it’s certainly something to watch for camera-using hunters.

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New Hunting Startup, HuntForce, Gets $400K