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New Hunting Series - 'Aussie Hunting Adventures TV'- Starts in September [VIDEO]

A new community hunting and outdoors TV series, "Aussie Hunting Adventures TV," will shortly be coming to Australian television screens.

The series will cover all types of hunting that are legal in Australia, with episodes covering hunting with longarms and bows, as well as the use of dogs.

Producer and presenter Dave Fent has brought together a crew of nine experienced hunters and outdoorspeople - including avid hunter and fisher Megan Scott, to present the episodes.

The focus of the series will be firmly on ethical and environmentally responsible hunting.

The Australian bush certainly offers up a wide variety of game and pest species suitable for hunting.

Introduced species such as foxes, cats, deer, pigs, camels, wild dogs, rabbits, water buffalo and goats are widespread across Australia, and recreational hunters have the opportunity to assist in efforts to conserve native animal populations through their recreational hunting activities.

Megan Scott entered the world of hunting through a desire to assist in pest management. Her biography on the program's website reads:

"Living on a farm for a number of years saw Megan pick up a rifle to the control the local Rabbit and Fox populations. Since sitting her license course a number of years ago on Valentines' Day, she has never looked back. She has provided pest control services for a number of properties and takes part in regular fox drives. Recently, she has taken a keen interest in hunting Deer. Learning where ever she can, developing her skills in tracking and stalking she hopes to soon take her first Sambar Stag."

The show provides technical advice on all aspects of hunting and outdoors pursuits. With the numbers of shooters in Australia steadily increasing, they are sure to have an enthusiastic audience when the first episode airs in September.

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New Hunting Series - 'Aussie Hunting Adventures TV'- Starts in September [VIDEO]