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5 New Hunting Innovations Coming Out of the ATA 2015

These new hunting innovations show just how much modern advances in technology are changing the way we hunt. 

ATA Trade Show

If the ATA 2015 showed us anything, it showed the direction the hunting industry is headed. Every new product advertised cutting edge technology, or new hunting innovations based on advances to already existing gear. The future is indeed bright when it comes to what we all will be taking to the woods with us this very soon.

The following pictures show some of the most innovative products that were on display at the 2015 ATA. You may have already heard of a few of these products, some may be totally new. One thing is for sure though, each and every one will help you be more successful in the field, not only this year, but for many years to come.

All images by Brad Smith unless otherwise stated

Click the slideshow to see the best innovative gear from the ATA 2015.

When the wind just isn’t right, jam them

Nose Jammer

“This will actually be our fifth year, but we are really now gaining popularity. What makes this so effective is that we are actually jamming the sense of smell. When a deer’s nose is clean, they will just tear you apart. But, it has to be clean. Nose Jammer is like blowing a puff of smoke on their nose that they just aren’t alarmed by. It blocks everything they are smelling by overloading their sense of smell with smells they already know, allowing the hunter to go undetected. Once they get a nose full, it doesn’t matter if you are cooking pizza out there. It just doesn’t.”

-John Redmond, Founder/President of Nose Jammer

I think it’s time we start to take better care of ourselves


“We recently just rolled a hot beverage called the Hot Stick. It’s available in an apple cider flavor and green tea. You can see us with a lot of great folks here at the show like Jim Shockey, Michael Waddell, the Primos guys, RealTree Roadtrips, a few MLB guys (Major League Bowhunter), and Driven with Pat and Nicole Reeve. As you can see we have a lot of great talent behind us and look forward to where it all goes.”

-Tommy Howard, CEO Sqwincher Corporation

It’s time to get BUCKED

BUCKED Scent Eliminator

“BUCKED is all natural, very safe, and doesn’t use cover ups like autumn leaves or other deer attractants. Instead, we eliminate the odor at the source so you smell like nothing at all. This way you are completely invisible to the deer.”

-E. Michael Ostermeier, Technical Sales of BUCKED Scent Eliminator

Now this new broadhead is cool!

Slick Hunting Products, Inc

“The Bat Wing is a new mechanical head that uses a super elastic memory alloy called nitinol. The whole thing of it is that we use the nitinol super memory elastic nature to hold the blade open. The blade only flexes, it will not break. All and all, this broadhead is indestructible as compared to the current products on the market.”

-Michael L. Campbell, President of Slick Hunting Products, Inc.

This is a must have for 2015

Badlands Packs

“This is our Range Pack. Our first internal carry rifle pack. This has a built in scabbard. We use a hyper vent suspension so the pack is already away from your back. We utilized this space for that scabbard. This allows you to not lose any pack space by carrying your rifle. This was built for when you have to hike in and be on the move. You will know your rifle will be secure and not exposed.”

-Blake Vantussenbrook, Marketing for Badlands Packs

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5 New Hunting Innovations Coming Out of the ATA 2015