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New Hunt Targets Nuisance Moose


Are wounded moose to be treated as roadkill salvage?

In Fairbanks, Alaska a new moose hunt is aimed at targeting injured and nuisance moose with a system designed to be similar to the current road-kill salvage.

Fairbanks shotgun and bow hunters can register to be listed on a targeted moose hunt list, according to the news release from Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

“One of the main objectives is to reduce the number of moose around roadways in high-collision areas and move them into the freezer without involving an insurance agent,” said Palmer Area Wildlife Biologist Todd Rinaldi.

Some 280 moose are struck and killed by motorists each year on Mat-Su roadways. During winters of unusually deep snow, that number can double as moose tend to congregate around highway corridors. Motorists are frequently injured and sometimes killed when vehicles traveling at normal highway speeds collide with the animals which may weigh between 500 and 900 pounds.

This winter’s hunt will open on January 6, and is scheduled to remain open through March 30. Each week, eight hunters will be assigned to one of four designated road corridors, where rates of moose-vehicle collisions tend to be especially high. The number of hunters permitted each week may be increased if the number of moose-vehicle collisions remains high or increases as snow accumulates over the course of the winter.

The permits will also be issued for two additional areas in Subunit 14B, along the Parks Highway, to reduce moose-vehicle collisions in those areas. The department also issues permits to address moose problems on private property on a case-by-case basis after consulting with the landowner.

“Last winter we had a 75 percent hunter success rate,” said Rinaldi, who added that more than 1,100 prospective hunters signed up for this winter’s targeted hunt.

Hunters can drop off applications for the target hunt any time in the month of October at the Fish and Game office at 1300 College Road.

Some of this article was taken from outdoors editor Sam Friedman, communist for Newsminer.

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New Hunt Targets Nuisance Moose