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New Hampshire Turkey Hunters Bag Over 4,000 Birds in Latest Season

The numbers are in for the May turkey season in New Hampshire.

According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, hunters took over 4,000 turkeys this season.

This year's 4,005 kills is well beyond last season's 3,911, which is a good sign.

Ted Walski, a Turkey Project biologist, said there was an increase in turkey kills of over two percent since last year.

This harvest had a good mix; it included 1,358 jakes, which are young males, and 2,635 toms, which are adult males. The turkeys were all an amazing size, with the largest weighing in at nearly 30 pounds.

Toms usually weigh approximately 18 to 24 pounds, and hens, which are female, usually weigh about 10 pounds.

Turkey season hasn't always been this lucrative in New Hampshire. Wild turkeys were actually missing from New Hampshire over a century ago due to habitat loss and hunting regulations.

In 1970, however, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department began transplanting wild turkeys into the area. Initial attempts failed, and they tried again in 1975. This time it worked, and over 25,000 turkeys now inhabit the region and reside in every county in the state.

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New Hampshire Turkey Hunters Bag Over 4,000 Birds in Latest Season