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New Hampshire Fish and Game Fee Hikes Proposed

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New Hampshire proposes a hike in hunting, fishing, and trapping fees.

It has not raised costs for more than a decade, but the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is considering fee hikes to their hunting and fishing licenses.

The department proposes the time is right in attempts to boost their already strained budget.

Most fees would go up by $10 under the new proposal. For residents, this means $43 for a fishing license, $31 for hunting and $54 for a combo license.

New Hampshire hunters and guides are receiving the news with mixed feelings. Jason Parent, a resident guide, worries that people who hunt using several methods and also fish and trap will be unable to deal with the increasing costs.

“You start pushing people away from the sport,” Parent said in the WMUR report.

Others see the increases as a long time coming, considering the continually strained Fish and Game budget. The proposed boost would bring in an increase from $6.9 million from fees to $8.3 million a year.

Linda Brownson, a veteran guide and hunter, said “I don’t really have a problem with it, really. I know they have to do something. Their funding has been slashed just unbelievably.”

The Fish and Game Department is holding a number of public gatherings to get feedback from Hew Hampshire residents, hunters and anglers.

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New Hampshire Fish and Game Fee Hikes Proposed