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New Hampshire Bear Hunting Season Begins Sept. 1


State officials expect an average bear hunting season in New Hampshire.

It looks like there’s going to be decent bear hunting in New Hampshire this fall. Local TV station WMUR 9 reported that bears in the area have been eating well all summer, which has led to a healthy population of about 5,500 animals.

State Bear Project Leader Andy Timmins told reporters that he has to trap and relocate about six bears every summer, often because they are searching for food in the wrong place. This summer, however, there were only two relocations. That means bears have been finding the food they need in the wild.

Hunters can use guides, hounds, and bait for their New Hampshire bear hunting excursions, but chocolate bait is prohibited after it killed five bears last year.

Timmins said he expects an average year, with about 600 bears likely to be taken.

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New Hampshire Bear Hunting Season Begins Sept. 1