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New Guns To Hit the Market In 2015

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2015 is an exciting year in new guns to hit the market.

Here are six top guns that will be available in the new year.

Adams Arms Piston Driven .308

This is a serious rifle with serious capabilities. With guaranteed one minute of angle (M.O.A.) accuracy for life, and a piston system tough to stop, this rifle is hard to beat.

Expect a price of $1,329.99-$2,999.99 depending on model selected.

Adams Arms


Troy Defense Pump Action Sporting Rifle in .308

The Troy Defense is made for those who live in autoloader non-friendly states or those who prefer a pump action rifle. All the bells and whistles are there like a true AR, and it is now a deer and wild boar capable pump action caliber.

Price to be determined.

American Rifle Man


Winchester XPR Bolt Action Rifle

This Winchester has many of the same features as the classic model 70, but at a reduced cost. A host of calibers are available for a suggested price of $549.

Winchester Guns

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Keystone Sporting Arms 722 Bolt Action

This rifle is from the makers of the famous Cricket rifle. This short throw bolt action rifle chambered in your choice of .22 long rifle, .22 magnum or .17HMR will retail at $349-$548 depending on model selected.

American Rifle Man


Bond Arms California Compliance Pistol

This gun offers the ultimate legal  punch for our friends in California now. Price to be determined.

American Rifle Man


Dan Wesson Silverback in 10mm or .45 ACP

Here is a guaranteed heavy hitter.  Price $1,349-$2,064 depending on model and caliber.

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New Guns To Hit the Market In 2015