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New Gun Storage Legislation Aims at Protecting Kids

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This gun storage law might not be a bad idea, but… 

If you own a gun, you are directly responsible for it. Most gun owners understand this fundamental philosophy.

However, one state senator out of Kentucky wants to make unsafe gun storage a criminal offense. Essentially, should a minor access a gun without a trigger lock, it would be a Class B misdemeanor. Should that same minor also hurt or kill somebody, it would be a Class A misdemeanor, up to reckless homicide.

“What I’m really trying to do is sharpen the focus on this issue in a proactive way,” State Sen. Gerald Neal, himself a gun owner, said in an interview. “I’m not anti-gun per se… It’s purely a safety issue.”

Ultimately, this bill seeks to motivate more people to use trigger locks on firearms at home. But since it would be impossible to know if a child has access to an improperly stored gun until after something bad happens, this law is really about punishing irresponsible gun owners.

Mark Miller, a Louisville attorney in opposition to the proposed law, thinks it’s unnecessary.

“I think that people’s desire to preserve life and protect their children should be the highest motivator,” Miller stated. “And if that isn’t the highest motivator, I don’t know that making it a Class A or B misdemeanor would give them any more motivation.”

As a gun owner myself, and a parent, I couldn’t imagine storing any of my guns in a place that is not secured. However, leave it to the government to know what’s best for us all.


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New Gun Storage Legislation Aims at Protecting Kids