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New Gun-Friendly Coffee Shop Set to Open in Northern Virginia

Bullets & Beans

The Hamilton, VA gun-friendly coffee shop is set to open in Northern Virginia soon, but has hit some roadblocks. 

Bullets and Beans Coffee Shop is set to open in Hamilton, Virginia, a suburb of Loudoun County in Northern Virginia.

With the tagline, "Family Friendly Firearms, Fitness and Coffee", the gun-themed coffee shop plans to offer firearms, accessories, coffee, and trainings to customers. They already offer three firearms training courses online.

Not surprisingly, the proposed coffee shop  has already raised some eyebrows by those who dislike firearms.

"I'll be honest, it's not my ideal retail establishment for the center of town, but we don't have control over that - a retail use is by-right," Councilman Craig Green told the Loudoun Times-Mirror. "Maybe I was hoping for more of a books and coffee kind of feel. Given the parking issues, maybe something that had a lot less traffic, like a professional services would be more appropriate."

Carolyn Unger, wife of Hamilton Councilman John Unger, told the Loudoun Times-Mirror the proposed gun-friendly coffee shop has no place in town because of her opposition of firearms near schools.

She said, "Guns, especially automatic weapons, have little place in a civil society. A democracy is built on discourse and common respect. Having discussions about differences and working toward a common goal are the way we lead our lives without fear and violence. Guns make it possible to be judge, jury and executioner - where is the civility there?"

Despite some opposition, the roadblock to Bullets and Beans opening is not entirely rooted in its pro-gun stance. The coffee shop owners need to obtain a special-use permit. Hamilton's zoning policy already allows for the firearms training the shop has advertised.

"They have received an occupancy permit for office and retail uses, which are permitted in the district," Town Attorney Maureen K. Gilmore said. "They have expressed an interest in opening a coffee shop on the first floor. That is considered a restaurant. In that category - commercial zoning category - it's a special-use permit, not by-right."

Despite its proximity to the nation's capital, Loudoun County is relatively gun-friendly given its location here in Virginia--a pro-gun state. Let's hope this coffee shop will open up without any further interruptions.


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New Gun-Friendly Coffee Shop Set to Open in Northern Virginia