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The Gadget Striker Control Device for Glocks Might Change How You Carry [VIDEO]

Striker-fired handguns, like Glocks, can easily discharge when you holster or draw your firearm.

The creators of The Gadget Striker Control Device want to change this.

Tom Jones and Todd Green say their new device adds safety measures but does not interfere with the overall function of the gun. The Gadget uses two pieces of metal to replace the Glock’s slide cover plate.

By applying pressure to the Gadget while holstering, you can block the motion of the striker. This, in turn, blocks the motion of the trigger bar and prevents the gun from discharging if you accidentally pull the trigger.

Basically, this tool gives you the capability of adding a hammer to a striker-fired gun.

Though it may be a good start towards added safety measures, there is some room for hesitation. For example, someone might not apply enough pressure to the Striker Control Device. The gun could then accidentally discharge, and the person’s thumb could get in the way of the slide. That might not end well for the shooter.

However, the Gadget has over six years of production and firing tests performed on 9mm, 40, 45, and 10mm Glocks of all frame sizes.

Jones and Green created a crowdfunding campaign for the device on IndieGoGo. You can pre-purchase the Gadget for $55 on the site, and the estimated delivery is November 2015.

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The Gadget Striker Control Device for Glocks Might Change How You Carry [VIDEO]