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The New Ford Bronco: Could it be True?

The rumors could be true. The new Ford Bronco may be real.

For years, fans of the Ford Bronco have begged and pleaded for a new version of the classic Bronco. Rumors surfaced in 2004 that Ford may have been working on a concept for release, but obviously that never happened.

Now in 2014, rumors are again surfacing that are leading people to believe that this time it might be real. Take a look at this video from CarsBestVideos2 and tell us whether you like the new concept or not.

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Pictures released show two models: one a throwback to the original Bronco, and the second a modern body style. But both models come equipped with a modern engine and modern features. It definitely has me interested. I just hope this isn't another tease. I would love to see the Ford Bronco brought back to life.

What would you think of the new Ford Bronco? Would you buy one? Leave your comments in the comments section below.


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The New Ford Bronco: Could it be True?