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UPDATE: This is Not the New Florida State Record Crappie

Facebook/Fishing Florida Radio

We were fooled, thinking the Florida state record crappie was about to enter the record books.

Recent reports of an enormous crappie being caught out of the Sunshine State of almost unimaginable proportions were deemed just that, fake.

When the pictures of this pending Florida state record crappie popped up on my timeline, I had to take a closer look. It turns out the 4.5-pound claim was false.

The Facebook page belonging to Fishing Florida Radio with BooDreaux, Captain Mike Ortego and Steve Chapman, wrongfully broke the story, and we ran with it.

The current standing record for a black crappie in Florida was caught in 1992 by Ben Curry out of Lake Talquin, weighing in at an incredible 3.83 pounds.

The world record crappie weighs in at five pounds flat. The fish claimed to be the new record was released, so who knows, maybe it will grow to be a record, and get landed by another angler.



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UPDATE: This is Not the New Florida State Record Crappie