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New Fishing Regulations Means More Opportunities for Anglers in Minnesota


If you’re in Minnesota and you like to fish for bass, sturgeon and trout, you’re in luck in 2015.

Changes in the state’s fishing regulations allow for more opportunities to fish for the three species.

“This will be a great year to expand your fishing horizons in Minnesota, ” said Al Stevens, fisheries program consultant with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “There will be a new catch-and-release bass season and additional opportunities to fish for sturgeon and stream trout. Muskellunge will get greater protection, giving anglers more chances to catch one of our state’s most prized trophies.”

Bass Opportunities Expand

Most bass fishermen in the state will be able to catch and release bass starting May 9 until the season opener on May 23. Northeastern Minnesota anglers will still be able to catch and keep bass during that time period.

The area north and east of Highway 53 is considered Northeast Minnesota.

Another change to the season is that the fall closure for smallmouth bass in the northeast has been lifted.

More Opportunities for Sturgeon

Comebacks made by lake sturgeon in recent years have led to new opportunities for anglers to catch this fish, starting March 1. But season dates will depend on your location.

A new catch-and-release season is open from June 16 until April 14. The waters for this season include inland waters and Minnesota waters bordering North and South Dakota and Iowa.

Catch and keep and catch-and-release seasons for lake sturgeon are available on state waters bordering Canada. Wisconsin-bordered waters have a catch and keep season in the St. Croix River south of Taylors Falls, including Lake St. Croix.

Muskie Length Increased

Muskies can only be kept if they measure 54 inches or greater this year. The previous length was 48 inches.

Exceptions to the limit apply to tiger muskie in the seven-county metro area. The minimum length on certain lakes in the area remains 40 inches.

All Changes in the 2015 Regulation Booklet

Details for these changes and others, including expanded seasons for stream trout, can be found in the 2015 fishing regulations booklet.

Anglers can also check online for additions and corrections to the regulations.


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New Fishing Regulations Means More Opportunities for Anglers in Minnesota