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New Drone-Hunting Drone in the Works

Drone-hunting drone

Being bothered by drones? The Rapere, a new drone-hunting drone, could be the answer.

We have already seen at least one way that drones can be helpful to the hunting community, and as the technology continues to grow we will see more and more ways that drones can be used for good.

But, like any technology, if it can be used for good, productive purposes, it can also be used in bad ways. One of the most publicized misuses of drones is illegally spying on other people. Whether in the form of paparazzi, harassing celebrities, or just one individual who is way too interested in someone else, it's a real concern.

There are many possible ways of drone-hunting to deal with the problem of unwanted drones. The first that comes to mind to most hunters and shooters is to simply shoot them down. While that is a strategy that will work, it can come with some legal ramifications. So, unless you want to have to deal with legal issues, the easiest way is to invest in a Rapere, the new drone-hunting drone.

The Rapere, has been designed solely for the purpose of being a drone-hunting drone. It's flight time is short, and it's only mission is to find and disable other drones. No, it does not shoot them out of the sky, it simply disables them by dropping a string in one of their propellers. This allows for the problem drone to be disabled without being destroyed.

drone-hunting drone

The Rapere group says that the drone-hunting drone has been designed for use by serious customers, saying "It will be priced as a professional tool - we don't want this to become a toy people can use to disrupt legitimate drone use." So if you were hoping to pick one up for a few bucks to disable the neighbor kid's new Christmas present, think again.

While the Rapere group answers the legality question very vaguely, saying "it depends on how you plan to use it, and where you live," it has to be assumed that any legal issues would probably be much easier to deal with if you use a drone-hunting drone to simply disable the intruders equipment instead of trying to send a message with your shotgun.

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New Drone-Hunting Drone in the Works