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New Device Charges Your Phone Using Lighter Fluid [VIDEO]

An upcoming mobile charger will offer electronics owners on the move a whole new way to fuel their devices.

Kraftwerk, which recently began a promotional campaign on Kickstarter, doesn’t use solar power or a wall outlet to collect energy, but instead converts lighter fluid or camping gas directly into electricity to charge up gadgets.

Rather than relying on a power grid or the sun to charge their device, users can simply refill Kraftwerk with fuel in as little as three seconds. Filled with about 40 grams of fluid, the device will offer about 11 iPhone charges.

Kraftwek will weigh about 200 grams when full and be only slightly larger than an iPhone, making it easily portable. The lighter fluid or camping gas that powers the device is also widely available at retail, outdoor and convenience stores.


While a charger full of flammable gas may seem dangerous, the company promises the device is completely safe. So much, in fact, that the item is permitted in your carry-on luggage.

The Kraftwerk has a lot of potential for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers who can be between traditional energy sources for a long time. Using lighter fluid, they can easily sustain their phone while off the grid, and cap off their power reserve with extra fuel from lightweight gas cartridges.

The device has reached over $1 million in pledges since it was placed on Kickstarter, and there is still a month left to accept donations. Those who pledge $99, $50 below its estimated retail price, to pre-order a Kraftwerk will receive one in February 2016.

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New Device Charges Your Phone Using Lighter Fluid [VIDEO]