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New Concealed Carry Law Comes into Effect in Maine [PICS]

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In Maine, legal gun owners no longer need a permit to conceal carry.

A new law came into effect on October 15, changing the regulations for Maine residents and non-residents on concealed carry.

The new law will allow legal firearms owners, 21 years and older, to conceal carry without the requirement of a permit or background check.

This is one of three regulation changes; the other two change regulations on knives, such as switchblades, and will also allow hunters to use sound suppressors on their firearms if they apply for a permit and pay a $12 fee.

Prior to the new concealed carry law, persons wishing to conceal carry had to fill out a permit application with police, answer a six-page questionnaire with criminal background and mental health questions, submit fingerprints and proof of formal firearms training with a $35 dollar fee. Those who wish can still apply for this original permit.

The changes are not popular with all residents, such as retired police officer Dusty Rhodes, who concealed carried for 40 years.

“I really wish they hadn’t removed the permit. It required a background check, a mental health check, you had to show proficiency, you had to submit fingerprints. You had some count on who is carrying.”

Others are strong supporters of the deregulation, such as Rockport resident Skip Small, who was buying another Glock pistol in-order-to conceal carry with the new changes to the law.

“It’s nice to be able to have a gun for protection,” Small said while he shopped for a new gun, “I think it’s a good thing, to some degree. You’re not going to stop someone from getting a gun in the United States.”

Gun shops in Maine have seen a marked increase in sales of smaller sized handguns and more concealable holsters and accessories as the regulation changes go into effect.

Maine now reflects similar changes as adopted by Wyoming, Alaska, Arizona and Kansas in allowing concealed carry without a permit where in the past one was required.

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New Concealed Carry Law Comes into Effect in Maine [PICS]