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New Concealed Carry Case Looks Like iPhone [VIDEO]

Is that a phone or a gun? New concealed carry case looks like nothing more than a large phone case.

Only a few short weeks ago, we heard about a new phone case that was being mistaken for a gun in the state of New Jersey.

However, it looks like EAA has a new product that is the exact opposite.

Concealed carry permit holders are always looking for new ways to conceal their guns. However, it is not always the easiest task.

Spending money on different styles and selections of holsters in hopes of trying to find one that is both comfortable and well-concealed is all part of the game. But what if it could be hidden in plain sight?

EAA has introduced The Abdo, a new way to conceal your pocket .380 ACP pistol.

According to the EAA website, The Abdo can either hang on your belt or clip to the inside of your purse. When you’re ready to use, you simply swipe your thumb over the latch to open the compartment.

By the looks of the photos, it seems that there is a barrel post that inserts into the barrel of the gun to keep everything in place until you’re ready.

One concern that a lot of concealed carriers have is how durable something like this would be. Once the product has officially been released, it would be interesting to see how it holds up if used on a daily basis.

The last thing that any gun owner would want would be for the latch to swing open and expose their gun to a crowd full of frightened people.

Though it does look like a ridiculously huge smart phone, I probably wouldn’t think anything of it while walking past a stranger. Looking at the types of smart phones that we have readily available to us right now, such as the iPhone 6+ or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, this “phone case” look like nothing out of the ordinary.

The Abdo is not currently available for online purchase, but there is the option to pre-order it for $49.

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New Concealed Carry Case Looks Like iPhone [VIDEO]