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New Wyoming State Record Kokanee Has Been Caught

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A new Wyoming state record kokanee was just a matter of time. 

The Wyoming state record kokanee salmon record has been standing since 2009. That all changed with the fish that George Sharman caught while fishing at Flaming Gorge Reservoir earlier this month. By just beating the old kokanee record by a little less than one ounce, his fish has now taken the top spot in the state.

As luck would have it, Sharman typically only fishes Flaming Gorge one time per year, but does normally target the kokanee salmon while there. However, on this trip, things started out a little slow.

Sharman boated one other kokanee and one small rainbow with little else to show for it. While fishing in depths around thirty feet deep, the record salmon took his bait and the fight was on.

Shortly after boating the fish, Sharman knew his fish was big. He pulled out his phone, did a little research, and rushed his fish to certified scales to test the record. As fate would have it, his fish measured 25.25 inches, weighing 6.31 ponds.

Even though Sharman's fish is big, it is still a long way away from the world record. That fish weighs 9 pounds, 10 ounces, caught in Oregon back in 2010.

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Editorial note: A previous version of this story implied that there was a new Colorado state record. The fish was caught in Wyoming, and it is a new Wyoming state record.

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New Wyoming State Record Kokanee Has Been Caught