New Colorado Arctic Char Record Caught by Vacationing Virginia Woman

Catching an arctic char record on vacation? That's worth the trip alone. 

A Virginia doctor was vacationing near Dillon reservoir when something happened that hasn't been done in quite a while. Dr. Lindsay Regali was fishing with her husband when she sets hooks into the record book. The last arctic char record to come out of Colorado was caught back in 1994!

"Colorado Parks and Wildlife certified the fish as the new state record, weighing in at 4.15 pounds and 23.5 inches in length, breaking the previous record of 3.75 pounds and 20.5 inches, caught in Dillon Reservoir in 1994 by Marshall Brenner," CPW said in an interview.

After landing the fish, both Regali and her husband knew they had a big one. Just how big, though, came as a complete surprise.

"There was an ongoing joke throughout the day that I was jealous of how many fish my husband had been catching," Regali said. "I was laughing and joking around because I realized I had finally caught one that I knew was bigger than his. I realized it was big but had no idea how big until we got it in the boat."

Congrats Doc! That's one awesome fish!


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