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New Burris XTR Scope Helps You Ring Steel Targets

Milliseconds count in competitions and with the Burris XTR II, you won’t have to waste them sighting in.

Burris Optics is an American made optics company based out of Colorado. Channeling different perspectives from both hunters and tactical operators their optics have a purpose for each particular shooter. Yeager shows off the Burris XTR II and shows it with a red dot reticle on his optic.

James highlights an important part of brining the red dot optic onto of the scope for fast near sighted target acquisition. Being able to identify your target that are very close without having to open up or refocus your scope shaves critical mili seconds off your shot.

The scope is adjustable from 1.5 to 8 power and the scope has an illuminated red dot. For those shooters that may be transitioning from a non magnified red dot sight to a magnified scope this will be instrumental in helping their shooting eye get quickly adjusted to the sight picture.

These scopes are priced on the higher end of the shooting budget for some. This particular scope is priced at just above the one thousand dollar price point. Considering that you can get a more affordable (still American Made sight) on their website it might be best to leave this optic to more advanced shooters. If you got the skill and cash be sure to consider the XTR II optic as a justified add on to any 5.56 AR15.


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New Burris XTR Scope Helps You Ring Steel Targets