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New Buck Knife Designed by Fallen Navy SEAL


With its newest product, knife manufacturer Buck will help to ensure that a fallen Navy SEAL is not forgotten.

Matthew Leathers was a highly-decorated Navy SEAL who served in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his nine years with the Navy, he earned several medals, among them the Bronze Star and Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Sadly, Leathers was lost at sea during a 2013 ocean training exercise.

While serving, Leathers designed a knife that impressed his fellow special operators. His prototype was made of steel from an old Humvee’s coil spring. The blade was tempered using a mailbox.

This year, knife manufacturer Buck will build and sell an upgraded version of Leather’s knife, called the 245 Matt Would Go. It will be constructed of 5160 steel and features a camouflage Micarta handle. The fixed-blade tactical knife will also come with a Kydex sheath. In a nod to Leather’s patriotism, the knife will be made in America.

The knife’s moniker commemorates Leather’s qualities and service with the SEALS. His fellow SEALs said Leathers would often be the first to volunteer for a mission. Following his death, the Seal Delivery Vehicle Team One adopted the catchphrase “Matt Would Go” in his honor.  The model number is a reference to Leather’s Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training Class 245.

A percentage of the knife’s sales will go towards Tim Leathers, Matt’s father. Tim Leathers owns the company MattWouldGo LLC, which donates to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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The 245 Matt Would Go will retail for $245. It will be officially unveiled by Buck representatives and Tim Leathers at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas this month.

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New Buck Knife Designed by Fallen Navy SEAL