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New Bowfishing World Record Grass Carp Shot in Alabama [PICS]

All photos via Bryan Hughes

Official Bowfishing Association of America World Record and Alabama State record for bowfishing shot during bowfishing tournament.

Every month in the summer, Backwater Outdoors, located in Gurley, Alabama, holds a bowfishing tournament on the area waters. This month's competition was held in Lake Guntersville in northern Alabama.

The night started out slow for Backwater owner Bryan Hughes and his teammates Scott Jennings and Madison Browning. The fishing was stagnant and rain storms had moved in. The team was struggling to find fish for the biggest five fish competition. But in one moment that all changed. The team was fishing a popular bowfishing area on Guntersville Lake when they happened upon the fish of a lifetime.

In about three feet of water, the team saw a fish they knew immediately was a monster grass carp. Bryan Hughes and Scott Jenning immediately got two arrows in the fish, and the fish took off trying to escape. Jennings' arrow pulled out leaving only Hughes to fight the fish.

Trying to bring in a fish of this size was going to take some time and careful handling. After chasing the fish for several minutes they were able to catch up with it for a backup shot, which missed its target. The fish took off again.

After several minutes, and a couple more missed backup shots, they were finally able to secure another arrow in the fish. After the fish finally tired, they were able to gaff the monster. Jennings tried to bring the fish over the front deck but it was simply too heavy. That's when they knew they had something special.

With help from the team they were finally able to drag this beast and see the true size of the fish. They knew it was big but weren't sure just how big.

The team had a set of 80-pound scales and tried to weigh it, but it immediately bottomed the scales out. Upon returning to the boat ramp, another team had a set of 85-pound scales and it bottomed out as well. They knew then they had a potential record fish on there hands.

At the tournament weigh in, one team weighed in an 80-pound grass carp and spectators were amazed at the size of this fish. Then it was time for Jennings to weigh in.

When the fish was put on the scales, it weighed in at 93.3 pounds. This passed the recent Bowfishing Association of America world record of 87.8 pounds. After taking some time to find a place open on Sunday with certified scales, the fish was officially certified at 92 pounds and will be the new Alabama state bowfishing and world bowfishing record grass carp (white amur).

Congratulations to this team!

Hughes plans on getting the record fish mounted and hanging it in the Backwater Outdoor Store.

All photos courtesy of Bryan Hughes

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New Bowfishing World Record Grass Carp Shot in Alabama [PICS]