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New Bill Introduced to Ban Civilian Body Armor

Gun control bills, now body armor control bills? 

A new bill called the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act seeks to make the civilian ownership or purchase of body armor a crime.

The bill, named HR 378, refers to “enhanced body armor” that meets or exceeds the Type III armor that will stop standard rifle rounds and many pistol calibers. This includes helmets, shields and vests.

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The bill states someone wearing or owning a restricted body armor would receive a fine, possible jail time, or both as punishment. There is a grandfather clause if you possess the armor before the bill is signed, and other exceptions include government employees.

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California Representative Mike Honda (D) and his co-sponsors Reps. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.), Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) and Danny Davis (D-Ill.) are responsible for this proposed bill.

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New Bill Introduced to Ban Civilian Body Armor