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New Bigfoot Sighting Breakdown [VIDEO]

Have you seen this fresh, new Bigfoot sighting?

Bigfoot is one of the most elusive creatures, if he actually exists. Many sightings and videos have been recorded that claim to have captured the real woodland creature.

Whatever your stance, both Bigfoot believers and non-believers need to see this new Bigfoot footage.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization break down a video and the characteristics of this new Bigfoot sighting.

The owner of the video also found, what appears to be, structures that have caught the attention of Bigfoot experts.

The video took place in Bear Wallow, Virginia. Bear Wallow is an area that offers ideal Bigfoot habitat and there have been multiple accounts of evidence. Some of the evidence includes: tracks, snap offs, branch structures, vocalizations and the iconic knocking.

It’s hard to tell if this video actually captures the ambiguous creature, but it does get the mind wandering.

Will we ever be able officially to document a Bigfoot?

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New Bigfoot Sighting Breakdown [VIDEO]